Transferring Experience with
Green Public Procurement
in Slovakia to Ukraine
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The first group of civil servants-graduates has completed GPP online course with a distinction!


The first group of civil servants, who completed the educational online course on Green Public Procurement, have successfully completed the practical training. The training session that became a final exam for the “students” was held at the State Enterprise “ProZorro”.

GPP experts had built this workshop specifically to help servants in practicing new knowledge and skills that they have got from the online course.

All the participants were taking part in a tender procedure that was simulated specifically for that training day. The task was to establish an optimal set of qualitative, quantitative and environmental criteria for technical specifications of cleaning detergents, applying the standards and principles that were learned during the theoretical part of the GPP course. Working in small groups, students had the opportunity to use consultations and help from technologists, lawyers, and experts who were also invited to participate in the workshop.

The GPP experts have developed technical specifications that were presented to the participants to be used during the workshop. While carrying out the task, civil servants have chosen the most priority criteria from the technical specifications for the effective purchase of detergents. The knowledge gained during the course and the technical specifications developed for that specific category of goods helped the “students” to carry out the procurement of detergents with improved environmental characteristics.

By the way, the online course itself got great comments from the participants to the training. Civil servants emphasized its actuality and also noted the convenience of the GPP online platform navigation.

“We encourage you to become agents of change that will begin to introduce new knowledge into practice, to show efficient results, and to encourage others to use environmental criteria in their work. I am convinced that together we will be able to change the situation for the better”, said Igor Komendo, Director of NGO GoLOCAL.

This educational online course is part of the educational project “Transferring experience with Green Public Procurement in Slovakia to Ukraine”, initiated by NGO GoLOCAL.

According to the course concept, before participating in practical training, 40 civil servants from all over the Kiev region have passed the theoretical part of the course. This part consisted of three modules: “Policy, principles, and methods of green procurement”, “Selection Criteria: Selection of Works / Services” and “Option Criteria: Product Life Cycle”.

All the participants of the course who have passed the theoretical part and attended the workshop received certificates and gifts from the project partners.

Currently, the project team is negotiating with the Ministry of Economic Development and the State Enterprise “ProZorro” about the placement of the training course on the Infobox resource so that as many users as possible can access it.