Transferring Experience with
Green Public Procurement
in Slovakia to Ukraine
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Under coordination of Slovak Centre for Communication and Development (SCCD) and co-financed by the Slovak Development Agency – SlovakAid the project “Transferring Experience with Green Public Procurement in Slovakia to Ukraine” is conducted by NGO GoLOCAL in order to promote the idea of Green Public Procurement in Ukraine by providing evidence of GPP’s positive impact based on the Slovak/European Union experience. The project as well aims helping public authorities to successfully plan and implement GPP.

In order to fulfil the project’s goal the following actions are planned:


  1. Conduct an Analysis of Current state of GPP in Ukraine;
  2. Identification of barriers of GPP implementation in Ukraine as well as to present positive examples of GPP in Slovakia/EU
  3. Compose the recommendations for GPP introduction to Ukraine based on the legislation of the country and on the Slovak experience;
  4. Raise awareness on GPP among public authorities and citizens of Ukraine via different means;
  5. Develop e-learning course in cooperation with all stakeholders and partners on GPP;
  6. Conduct trainings for procurement officers of public authorities on how to implement GPP;
  7. Conduct a conference on GPP for all interested parties.