Transferring Experience with
Green Public Procurement
in Slovakia to Ukraine
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Transparent Green Procurement is one of the important components of the EU environmental program


Keeping a healthy environmental background is one of the key requirements and principles of the European Union. Transparent Green Procurement is one of the important components of the EU environmental program.

If you describe the GPP in two words, then this is a tendering process, in which state bodies prefer goods or services with a minimal impact on the environment. That is environmentally harmless, or economical. For example, purchasing paper from a second-level, or energy-efficient light bulbs, even detergents with a minimum content of harmful substances.

According to the monitoring carried out by GoLOCAL, more than half of Kyiv oblast officials in charge of tender processes do not have a clear understanding of what is a GPP and what is its benefit to the state. And, accordingly, they do not use the principles of eco-conscientiousness in their work. This is despite the fact that Kyiv Region is one of the most progressive regions.

Therefore, with our Slovak Center for Communication and Development partners, with the help of the SlovakAid Fund, GoLOCAL initiated an educational project aimed at informing the public and the public authorities as much as possible about the importance of using green procurement tools and the powerful impact of this process on the environment in Ukraine.

As part of the Green Public Procurement Project – “Transfer of Experience from Slovakia to Ukraine”, experts and representatives of the Slovak NGO visited Kyiv to meet with representatives of state authorities and discuss the issue. Why Slovakia? It was this country that was one of the first countries of Central Europe to adopt an act of public procurement under the laws of 2006. And it successfully being used till this day.

So, during two days, Slovaks met with representatives of the economic departments of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Economy, the Kyiv Oblast State Administration and the Municipality of Bila Tserkva.

Within the framework of the project, the Slovak experts together with the experts of NGO GoLOCAL will develop an educational course for representatives of state bodies responsible for tender procurement. Within the course, seminars and trainings will be held, and an on-line course on green procurement will be launched for all officials who want to participate.